Start you own Mobile Recharge Portal

So, you wanted to have a recharge portal similar to and start earning revenues from day one. Congratulation! You are on the right web page. We at Rv web provides everything you would need to get your online recharge portal up and running.

From Recharge API to Payment Gateway, Integaration of APIs to Designing User Interface, Developing Backend Application to Integrating Advertising Module and maintaining all of them comes under our standard package. Offcourse, you will get all of these services and extraordinary after sales support at an unbelievable price which is well in your budget.

With never stoping increase in users using internet to recharge their mobile and dth services online you can expect a huge growth in your online recharge business just in a span of few months from launch.

This is what you need to start an Online Recharge Portal:

  1. Recharge API - To recharge devices.
  2. Payment Gateway - To Collect Payment
  3. Online Software - To provide user interface from where they can recharge their devices
  4. Admin Panel - To Control the Recharge Portal

Features of Online Softwares:

Easy way for user to register and recharge the devices. User can see the history of recharges done under the user panel.

Easiest & fastest way to recharge directly from e-wallet. E-wallet can be refilled against unsuccessful recharges or manually by website owner.

Website owner can offer free bonus points to the user with each recharge done. User can redeem the points to take free recharge.

Website owner can check & see the status of sales done on the website for the current date or between a range of 2 dates.

Website owner can check for failed transactions done on the website for the current date or between a range of 2 dates.

Website owner would be able to block/unblock any or all operators on the website if they see large number of failures for specfic operator or operator is temporarily down.

The system will automatically sent emails to users for new registration, Password reset request, successful recharge done, failed recharge, failed transaction amount transfer to e-wallet to keep the user updated.

Website owner is allowed to see the list of registered members of the website and will have privilege to deactivated the suspicious one.

Website users can use the support system to send their concern or feedback to the website owner. This is a ticket based system to easily manage the requests.

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